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If you want to master something, teach it – Richard Feynmann

Over the years, LTVL has demonstrated prowess and competency in design, technology and manufacturing backed by a solid knowledge bank and subject matter expertise. When the pandemic struck and all our training programs went virtual, a need was felt to channelise this knowledge bank and transfer this expertise to all at L&T Valves through the medium of short training sessions, albeit virtually. Our Chief Executive, S. Kalyanaraman, was the main proponent behind this idea. His emphasis on developing a platform for the youngsters to portray their mastery in new technologies motivated us to launch this initiative. The objective of the Technology Conclave is to provide a forum for L&T Valves’ employees to present their findings, research & knowledge an any topic of their area of expertise. The first session of the Technology Conclave was held on 9 February, 2021. Since, then we have been consistently conducting sessions on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month.

A typical Technology Conclave consists of about three training sessions tailor-made by L&T Valves’ subject matter experts for their colleagues. It is ensured that the topics are chosen from diverse fields so as to make it interesting for the audience. To add to the variety, a captivating video on a technological marvel and/or innovation is included. Technology no longer is a frontier only for the design engineers. Technology is expanding at a rapid rate and a lot of technological innovations have occurred in all domains of the manufacturing industry. Future plan is to engage more employees from various functions like Quality, Operations, Supply Chain, and Finance for them to demonstrate their domain knowledge. To add variety to the sessions, we have also planned to include quizzes and case studies in the sessions to come.

Topic Presenter
Advantages of Dilution on Hot Wire GTAW Prassana Manikandan K
Basics of Composites Ajay Kumar Neelam
Development of HIPPS Kathiresaperumal S
Development of Hull Ventilation Valves Thirumalai Muthu P
Development of Large-size Butterfly Valves Pappu Jagannadha Mallik
Fugitive Emissions Rajkamal R
Introduction to Valve Elements – Washers Gumalapuram Manideep
Know Your Check Valve Nikhil Kaushik
Lip Seals - Introduction & Applications Abhishek Ankolekar
Qualification of Elastomers for Critical Services Aravind Siddharth S
Seats and Seals Used in TMBV Karthikeyan S
TRIZ - An Introduction Harsh Mehta
Value Engineering Yaser Ahmed Palikonda Latheef

The Technology Conclave presents a great opportunity for all employees to become versatile while also learning and growing holistically. It also provides us a platform to identify the next big thing in the valve Industry and how it can benefit L&T Valves.

We have lots in store. Stay tuned!