Express Delivery: A win-win solution

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Praveen Karajagi and Siddharth PK introduces a solution that addresses the demand for quick deliveries.


During project construction, changes in piping layout or process parameters can trigger urgent demand for valves. In an operating plant, exigencies or unplanned shutdowns also can spur an urgent demand for valves. These jeopardise schedules and is a perennial cause of concern for customers. 

Leveraging our global project experience, L&T Valves introduces a solution that significantly reduces uncertainty and delivery lead-times, Express Delivery

Express Delivery is a web-based solution for browsing and ordering valves from L&T Valves inventory across the world.



  • Forecasting customer demand: Accurately forecasting the demand for specific products across the globe was vital for the success. To calculate advance order quantities, we correlated past project activity data with customer buying behaviour. The subject matter experts from valve manufacturing, EPCs, end-users and distributors reinforced and validated our findings.
  • Streamlined manufacturing operations: With multiple manufacturing facilities spread across the globe, streamlining the operations to achieve a high degree of efficiency and flexibility was very important.
  • Logistics readiness: Logistics, both inbound and outbound, had to be revamped and digitally integrated to make them highly responsive to enable the quick turnarounds planned.


Recently a major oil company from the Middle East needed valves for an urgent shutdown, and we were able to quickly respond and solve the issue. We launched Express Delivery in 2020, and the response has been very positive. We currently stock over 15,000 valves at multiple stocking points in USA, Saudi Arabia and India.


Express Delivery - Delivering smiles across the globe, fast!