Mini Desuperheater Valves

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Mini Desuperheater Valves

Mini Desuperheater Valves

Size 1" to Above as per Customer's Steam Line Size
ASME Class Class 150 to 4500

The DeFlo Mini is one of the most basic type of Desuperheater which utilizes a GFlo Globe Control valve as its cooling water control valve.

It consists of fixed jets arranged to face the steam flow direction through the periphery of the Desuperheater sleeve.

It works well in stable conditions where the steam flow turn-down is a maximum of 4:1.

The Stainless Steel sleeve acts as a thermal liner and is of the size of the steam pipe ID hence eliminating localized velocities created by many competitor designs.

For low turndown applications or in oversized pipes a venturi sleeve can be provided which creates local turbulence and velocity for effective mixing of the water with the steam.