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Flush Bottom Valves

Flush Bottom Valves

The FlushFlo is used at the bottom of large tanks / digesters and driers to discharge the processed fluid to a further process.

The inlet and outlet flange is completely customisable to the customer’s tank and it is available in a varying angles of 90°, 120° & 135°.

The Plug can be Quick Opening type or with a Linear, Equal Percentage Characteristic.

The Self Aligning seat ring ensures tight shutoff without Lapping even after prolonged use.

The plug can be equipped with an RTD for temperature measurement and control.


Salient Features: 

  • End Connection - ANSI / BIS / JIS / DIN – as a standard. Can be completely customised to meet customer’s requirement.
  • Body Material - All Cast-able materials Glass Lined up to 6” size
  • Plug - Plug head with Integral Stem for extended life.
  • Plug Guiding - Heavy Duty Double Guided. Guides are located clear of the flow path to avoid clogging.
  • Seat - Metal or Replaceable Teflon Soft Seat
  • Bonnet - Standard Bolted, Extended or Cryogenic